Treatment of the garden and the garden from diseases and pests


In recent years, ticks have become very annoying to this culture. Obviously, this is due to dry, hot weather.

There is a simple folk remedy that is used not only on strawberries but also on eggplant. They are also very affected by the spider mite: it is necessary to water the bushes with hot water with the addition of potassium permanganate. And fight diseases, and with pests, and make potassium top dressing.

Make the water hot for strawberries. If the bushes are older than a year, then the water temperature can be up to 60° if plants are planted this spring, then no higher than 45°

Flowering bushes should not be watered with hot water!

If you do not trust folk remedies, then treat the strawberries according to the sheet with Tiovit Jet. The active substance in it is sulfur. This is a useful trace element for all plants, i.e. treating this drug, you fight with ticks, and with diseases (powdery mildew), and even do top dressing.

Treat with Thiowit Jet and the vineyard. He has a waiting period of only one day, i.e. This is a completely harmless drug and it must be kept in reserve in your country first-aid kit.

There were a lot of ticks on all cultures: on cucumbers, currants, raspberries, etc. And they are not only dangerous pests themselves, sucking the juice from leaves, but also spread viruses.

Therefore, do not be too lazy to make several treatments with this drug, at least for those crops on which wrinkled leaves are noticed – a sign of the presence of ticks.

In early June, feed strawberries with the infusion of weeds with the addition of ash – the berries will be larger and cleaner.

If the weather is dry, then it is worth watering the berry after each harvest. Watering is a drip. The soil surface after it remains dry, so there is no rot. Berries lie on pine needles, or on hay.

When picking berries, it makes sense to put two buckets. In one, put the good, in the other-the patients who need to be burned! Be sure to carefully select diseased leaves and berries during each berry collection. Once a week, spray strawberries in the evenings with a solution of a microbiological preparation (Vostok, Baikal, Fitosporin, etc.) using a watering can. These drugs have no waiting period, they have no harm to anyone, but only benefits, because they protect plants from disease.

It is very good to spray strawberries with Albit (Agate 25K) weekly after harvesting. This will support her immune system and contribute to amicable flowering and fruiting.

All the above recommendations are suitable for other fruit crops, but there are some nuances.

Black currant

In addition to ticks, you need to pay attention to a disease such as an anthracnose, which in recent years has spread very much to currants and raspberries. By mid-summer, bushes lose their foliage.

In early spring, it is necessary to treat the bushes with either copper-containing preparations or iron sulfate (300 g per bucket of water).

If you haven’t done this, then at the beginning of June, before the berries have ripened, you can treat the bushes with the following preparations: Skor (from diseases) + Ram (from aphids and other pests). But keep in mind that after processing this tank mixture, you can not eat berries for three weeks (21 days). Watch this strictly, do not poison yourself.

At the end of May – at the beginning of June, the flight of the glass-butterfly butterfly, a very common pest, begins. This her larva leaves a hole inside the branches of current, after which the leaves of them are smaller, the berries become small, sour. Such branches have to be cut at the root, sometimes nothing remains from the bush. The tank mixture (Skor + Taran) will also help here, but you can do without “chemistry”, for example, constantly planting stepsons from tomatoes under the currant bushes. Their strong smell disorients the glass-butterfly, and it flies away to the neighbors.

In late June, the collection of blackcurrant berries begins. It is recommended to put two buckets next to you. One of them will be for collecting damaged berries. They are clearly visible, they are braided by a web.

If your currants and gooseberries are severely affected by this pest, and they call it a firetruck, then in early spring it is necessary to treat currants and gooseberries with the drug Karbofos. It is necessary to collect “ripened”, large, ribbed berries ahead of time. Inside them are the sawfly larvae, or fire flakes.

Late in the fall, hills of blackcurrant and gooseberry should be high up.

This helps the root system survive in a snowless winter and makes it difficult for butterflies of the aforementioned pests to exit the pupae wintering in the soil under the bushes. During flowering, the bushes need to be knocked out!


The scheme of processing stone fruits from diseases and pests

1st treatment (early April) with copper or iron sulfate from diseases.

2nd treatment (in the stage of bud extension) – preparations of Chorus (from diseases) + Taran (from pests).

3rd treatment (at the stage of fruit formation) – preparations Skor (from diseases) + Ram (from pests and ticks)

4th processing (after harvesting) – Ram (from all types of pests and ticks).

This scheme is suitable for other types of stone fruit.

If your cherries do not suffer from such dangerous diseases as coccomycosis and moniliasis, then carry out preventive treatments every two weeks with Zircon + Ferovit preparations. And do not forget to whiten the tree branches, although it has become difficult to find benign paint for these purposes.

It is worth making the coating of the boles with a mixture of clay + fresh mullein + vitriol + lime + casein glue. Trees like such cosmetics more, trunks become clean, healthy.


In June, the flight of the moth butterfly begins. Fend off them with smelly substances: the preparation of Summer resident (based on needles), tar, infusions of weeds, etc.

Many summer residents began to regularly spray the gardens once every 3 weeks with the preparations Healthy Garden + Ecoberin. There is another option of natural origin – the drug Nemabact. Bring it in every spring, it will help get rid of dozens of types of dangerous pests: codling moths, vegetable flies, grubs, bear cubs, etc.

If you have a financial opportunity, then you can immediately shed the entire area with this drug.

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