Some ways to deal with moles

Many summer residents know that moles who have settled in the garden or in the garden can cause a lot of trouble associated, for example, with spoiling the lawn or destroying the beds after sowing. These restless animals can really irreparably spoil human labor. It is worth noting that there are certain ways to combat moles, which you should be aware of.

Moles are scared away by various substances that have a sharp and repulsive odor. We are talking about tar and naphthalene, as well as kerosene and creole. Neat placement of these chemicals in animal burrows will be required. In this case, you should take care of the presence of rubber gloves that protect your hands.

A radical method of fighting moles is the use of special traps or traps. Another tough way to kill animals is to flood all the underground passages with water. This can be done using a conventional garden hose. In this case, carbide can also be used, since during its reaction with water gas is formed that destroys moles. Thus, if desired, you can always get rid of these annoying animals.

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