How to get horseradish out of the garden: difficulties, effective methods

Despite the fact that horseradish is considered one of the useful and tasty seasonings for food and for this reason it is grown everywhere, this crop easily goes into the category of weeds, which completely fill the garden. It’s all about her 100% survival. Horseradish is not afraid of either frost or high humidity, it grows on any kind of soil, and its roots remain intact for a year after they have been dug up successfully.

If the horseradish bush has become incredibly large, it will not be easy for you to get rid of this crop.

Is it hard to get the fuck

Do you know that in the old day’s bad neighbors got rid of with the help of horseradish roots? The roots were scattered around the garden in different places, after which, apart from horseradish, nothing could grow on it, since the root system of this root crop is very powerful and branched. Knowing the characteristics of growth, it is important to get rid of horseradish in the garden as soon as possible in order to prevent a decrease in the yield of other crops.

Of course, you can plant a bush in a tub so that its roots do not touch the ground on the site. But you will not wait for the most important component – the nutritious root, from which they make the well-known seasoning since it will not pick up juice in a small volume. Difficulties are encountered among those owners who have not been cultivating crops in the garden for several years – horseradish will grow everywhere. And if, out of ignorance, you threw roots into the compost pit, in the spring there will grow a horseradish plantation.

Effective methods of destroying horseradish bushes

  1. In the fall, you can dig up the overgrown thickets of horseradish with a shovel, carefully removing the roots from the ground. And then dig a nearby site, carefully inspecting the soil for small roots. In the summer, when weeding the beds, do not be too lazy to bend down once more and chop off the extreme shoots under the root with a small spatula or try to dig them out. So you significantly slow down the growth of the plant. Some gardeners advise using a pitchfork instead of a shovel because with their help you can get the whole bush without damage, but in this case, you will need several helpers to pry the plant from different sides.
  2. After you have removed the horseradish bush, sprinkle several tablespoons of salt into the soil or spill the ground with saline.
  3. The question of how to remove horseradish from the garden will not bother you anymore if you leave the pit with the roofing material in the untouched state by the middle of next summer. Inside it will be dark, photosynthesis will stop, and the horseradish roots simply decay in the soil.
  4. When the bushes are in disrepair, use herbicides after digging. But here is the flip side of the coin, because hazardous substances remain in the soil, it can infect other plants.
  5. The easiest way to destroy horseradish is to “burn” its roots with a solution of vinegar essence or nitrate. You do not need to dig out, just cut off the leaves, and pour the roots – so the plant will quickly weaken, and its roots will “burn out”.

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