How to deal with a badger: ways to hunt a pest

Badger is one of the predatory animals, a squad of marten. The animal has a reddish-gray fur, hard to the touch, it has very powerful claws and strong muscles. The animal, sensing the chase after itself, can quickly dive into the hole under the ground and bury it behind itself in a matter of seconds. He quickly moves through underground passages, can hide for several days from his pursuers and eat plant foods in the form of berries, mushrooms, leaves, vegetables, although he prefers partridges, rodents, hares and capercaillie.

Ways to hunt a badger

The animal can be caught using hunting dogs, traps are also used in places where he dug underground passages, and experienced hunters watch for the badger right at the exit from its secluded haven.

The most common way in recent times has been hunting with dogs: huskies, fox terriers, yard terriers, which are distinguished by a sharp temper in the battle with a badger or a fox. Usually, hunting begins at a time when it is almost dark in the forest, or before dawn. The animal in this period leaves its hole in search of food. The hunter and the dog need to stop 300 meters from the hole and wait until the badger appears. Residential burrows cannot be touched, because, firstly, the animal no longer returns to the destroyed housing, and secondly, the dog inside the small hole cannot turn around and grab the badger, therefore it often gets stuck and, badger, feeling the advantage, can bite it.

Laika or the fox terrier is lowered from the leash when the animal appears, he pursues the victim, catches up and cuts her throat. Know that next to the main course, the badger always has 2-3 spare holes that you must first find and fall asleep in the beginning so that the prey does not hide from the pursuers. Often, hunters help the dog cope with a badger, which, for complete immobility, needs to shine a bright flashlight in its muzzle and apply a few strokes with a stick on the tip of the nose.

How to put a trap on a badger

On the badger, it is allowed to set traps, traps near the places of the animal. They are installed next to the hole, on the road where the animal goes to defecate, on a hillside, from where the badger likes to roll when it plays. For bait, the hunter must put a piece of fresh meat to attract the smell of the animal. To understand how to catch a badger, find out all about what types of traps you need to choose in this type of hunting. Typically, hunters stop at double-spring installations with a frame. But if the badger is only injured, it will drag your trap inside the hole, so a long stick is usually tied to it, which will not allow the animal to drag the structure into the hole.

The badger has a very sensitive hearing, he hears rustles and steps in the distance, so you need to be especially careful when installing the trap. If the animal senses danger, it will bury all its moves and dig holes in another place.

The badger is considered the cleanest beast, he goes to the toilet far from his house and is always in the same place. The easiest way to put a trap there.

The badger’s latrine is a wide depression up to 10-15 cm deep, up to 25 cm in diameter. If the trap is in a single specimen, the animal can leave. The hunters came up with a trick: they connect 2 traps with a thin rope so that the badger, when the first trap is unsuccessfully closed, gets entangled in the ropes and is sure to fall into the second.

Hunting a badger with water

On the one hand, this method of hunting is the safest, but it takes time and physical expenses because it takes about 20 liters to get a badger out of its hole. liquids. You need to walk along the badger trails in advance and determine where the animal has the main hole, then go back to get water. When the hole is filled with water, the animal instantly pops up. At this time, you need to install a trap right at the entrance to the hole, and then, when the badger gets into it, hit the ground so that it slams shut and the prey is inside.

The advantage of this type of hunting is time: the badger can be caught in the morning, afternoon and even in the evening when it is still clearly visible in the forest.

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