Folk remedies and biological preparations from late blight

Phytophthora is a fungal infection that most often affects nightshade vegetables. These include tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes.

If the plants on the beds were hit by a fungus, home remedies and store preparations will come to the rescue. They will quickly rid the plantings of the disease and prevent its re-distribution.

Infusion of garlic with potassium permanganate

To prepare the product, you need to take 200 g of garlic. You can use green leaves, arrows, husks of a young plant and even the cloves themselves. Everything is ground with a blender or combine to a puree state and 400 ml of water is poured.

The mixture is infused for 10-12 hours. Then it is bred in 20 liters of standing water. 2 g of potassium permanganate is added to the solution.

The resulting composition should treat diseased plantings in the early morning or after sunset so that burns do not form on the leaves. The procedure is repeated every 2 weeks until all the signs of late blight come off.


To spray Trichopolum, take 2 tablets of the drug and dissolve them in 2 liters of cold water. The treatment is repeated after 10 days. This drug can be alternated with other solutions.


This is an excellent assistant in the fight against late blight. On the beds treated with this substance, diseases almost never appear.

5-7 days after planting nightshade, it is necessary to sprinkle with ash all the aisles and the soil around the plants themselves. Then carry out watering. For the prevention of the disease, a layer of ash of 0.5-1 cm is enough.

During the formation and growth of the ovaries, the procedure is recommended to be repeated, because at this time the plants are most susceptible to infections. If the spores penetrate the fruits, it will be difficult to fight the disease.

Milk with iodine

For processing, it is necessary to use milk with a low percentage of fat content. 500 ml of the product is diluted in 5 l of water and 7-8 drops of pharmacy iodine in solution are added. The mixture is stirred until homogeneous and immediately used.

Spray with the composition of the plantings should be every 10-12 days until the symptoms disappear completely. As a means for prevention, milk with iodine is used 1 time per month.


100 g of salt are dissolved in 5 l of water. For the solution, you can use sea salt. It contains natural iodine, which increases the effectiveness of the composition. Processed with liquid tomatoes and peppers.

The most effective is such a remedy against late blight, which hit the green, unripened fruits. Processing should be repeated every 2 weeks until the entire crop is harvested.

Potatoes can be sprayed with saline during the appearance of ovaries. At this time, tubers are actively forming in the earth, and the disease can provoke their slow growth and decay.


Tomatoes and peppers are watered with a yeast composition. For its preparation, 50 g of pressed yeast and 5-6 l of water is taken. The liquid will not only remove the first symptoms of late blight but also enrich the soil with nutrients.

Regular watering with yeast water will save the plantings from pests and infections, and also provoke the rapid growth of plants and the formation of a large number of ovaries.


“Fitosporin” is a complex drug against fungal diseases. They are advised to water the soil in greenhouses and open beds before planting tomatoes and peppers. In addition, during the irrigation of plantings, you can add a small amount of the drug to the water. It is advisable to do this every third watering.

If the first signs of late blight appear on the fruits, the product should be diluted in the proportion specified in the instructions, and spray the plants.

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