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model 2000

(Model 2000 shown) 

Model 2000 and Model 2018 Germicidal Inline Air Purifier 

These models use powerful 18 inch germicidal photo-catalytic lamp(s). These units
are very effective in helping to sterilize the air borne bioaerosols while also relieving 
the irritating V.O.C.'s in the dwelling without producing any ozone. The units are very
simple to install and maintain, giving the home a much cleaner and safer environment. 

arrow Dimensions: 6"W x 8.5"H x 18"D
arrow Electrical: 115VAC
arrow Model 2018 has 2- 18 inch lamp for systems to 2.5 tons.
arrow Model 2000 has 1-18 inch lamps for systems through 5 tons.
arrow Three year limited warranty (one year on lamps)
arrow UL classified

The Complete Solution
To Indoor Air Pollution

Analysis of what causes allergies and aggravated respiratory
problems by the Center for Disease Control


PARTICULATES -- Dirt, Dust, Pollen, Spores , largest of the allergens. These allergens can be captured by a high-efficiency air filter.
BIOAEROSOLS -- Micro Organisms such as bacteria and mold. These allergens can be sterilized in the duct system by Second Wind air purifiers
VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS -- Chemical gasses, solvents, and odor causing contaminants. Neutralized in the duct system by Second Wind POC or singlet oxygen technology. 
  • The Second Wind Family of air cleaners and air purifiers addresses every aspect of the Center for Disease Control Pie Chart. Particulate that are 3 micrometers and larger can be filtered out of the air through upgraded filtration.
  • The Second Wind Inline Air Cleaner will help reduce particulates in the home substantially. Where the filtration stops, the Second Wind Air Purifier technology begins.
  • Bioaerosols such as Microorganisms, Viruses, Mold, and Bacteria cannot be filtered out with standard filtration.
  • The Second Wind Air Purifier with ultraviolet germicidal light sterilizes most of this microscopic living organisms passing through the duct system.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds are chemical gasses, solvents, and odor causing contaminants. The Second Wind Air Purifier will reduce the amount of these products in the air stream with it's POC and singlet oxygen technologies. 

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